Nikoi Island

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Bohemian island resort

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In 2003, three expats working in Singapore grew tired of having to take holidays either in cockroach-infested bugalows, or in rip-off seven-star resorts. So they bought their own island off Bintan in the South China Sea and used it for tenting holidays.
When this palled, they built their own simple village, followed by six beach houses, and took on staff. By 2007 they were running it as a modest hotel, and soon there was a central ‘clubhouse’, bar and pool, followed by another nine beach houses. The relaxed Bohemain atmosphere is still intact, as is the family- and environment-friendly attitude: in short, it chimes nicely with the charming small hotel philosophy. The island consists of 15 ha of white sand beaches strewn with shells, virgin rainforest and amazing rock formations.
Recently new jetties and a new boat have improved transfer time and comfort between Bintan and Nikoi. And ? more good news – the coral is getting some of its colour back, having suffered bleaching in 2010.

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Address Nikoi Island, Bintan

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